Better Exchange Rates from a Foreign Exchange Pioneer

With total fees up to 80% cheaper than banks, you can trust your money goes farther with

Smarter rates with even smarter technology.



With total fees that are up to 80% cheaper than banks, what's not to love? Keep more of your hard earned money.


Trusted is a subsidiary of GAIN Capital, a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange.



With bank-grade security standards, fully encrypted data transmission, and regular third-party audit checks, security comes first!


What is is an online provider of international money transfers targeted at personal and business customers. The service is a part of GAIN Capital, a publicly listed company on the New York Stock Exchange. GAIN was a pioneer in the retail foreign exchange trading market, offering one of the first online FX trading platforms for self-directed retail customers via our award-winning brand. The company has a deep knowledge of the foreign exchange market, and over 15 years of experience of operating a highly regulated business.

How does compare to using a bank?

According to recent research, the average fee for sending £1,000 overseas by using a British bank is £59. That’s 5.9% of the total transaction value!

By using, users can expect to lower their international payment costs by 60-80%. In most cases, choosing for your payment needs over a typical bank is a no-brainer.

Is the service regulated?

We aim to offer a fully regulated service in the future. Our payment license is currently under review by the relevant government authorities.

Is safe to use?

We take security seriously, and to this end, we employ bank-grade security standards, fully encrypt all data transmission, and regularly conduct third-party audits.

In addition, all client funds are held in safeguarded accounts, which are fully separate from our own operating funds, with leading banking institutions.

Where will be available?

At the outset, will be available for UK-based personal and business customers. We expect to expand our geographic reach following launch. Note that the service enables outbound payments to over 200 destinations.

How quickly will my transfer arrive?

We offer both free Standard Transfers that arrive in 1-3 business days and premium Priority Transfers that usually arrive within 24 hours. We only offer Standard Transfers for our most popular payment destinations such as countries within the EU.

What currencies will be available?

While we plan on offering more than 40+ currency pairs at launch, please check back for the exact currencies we can sell in the near future.